Registration Instructions for 1st Time Users:

Please read and follow these instructions to register for your first time only.  Please click on the link in the words "Member Registration" to launch your registration process. 

We suggest you have your last member statement handy as a reference.  You will require your MEMBER NUMBER, FIRST and LAST NAME as they appear.  *Please note your member numbers consist of the first letter followed by a zero not the letter 'O'.  Also note by example, if you are registered as Steven D. Doe, your first name field should have Steven D and the period.  The period is important.

You may reset your password at any time by first clicking on the LOGIN, then clicking on 'Forgot Password'.  It will ask you for the email address you have registered with us.  No other address will be accepted to reset the password.  An email will be sent to you at that address.  There will be a link inside the email which will take you automatically to a new page on the Lambton site.  There, you will be asked to enter your new password twice and submit it.

If the information you have entered is not correct, or is left blank, an error will appear. If you continue experiencing this problem, please contact the Club at 416 767-2175.

Thank you
Your Lambton Web Team

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