Welcome to Lambton – the place where you belong. Whether you’re coming to play golf or tennis on our world-class facilities, dine with family or friends, or attend a business meeting, we want you to enjoy your visit. You’ll experience an ambience of elegance within a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.



100 Scarlett Road
Toronto, ON M6N 4K2

  • Golf guests can check in with the Golf Professional Shop or the starter
  • Tennis guests can check in with the Tennis Professional Shop
  • Guests at a social or business event can go directly to the Clubhouse
  • Lambton has ample parking in three designated areas

Dress Code

Lambton Golf and Country Club combines a rich tradition with a progressive atmosphere that recognizes the contemporary lifestyle of our members. Tasteful and respectful attire is expected in all public areas of the club. As a courtesy to each other, we ask members and their guests to follow the guidelines below.

Click Here for a Pictorial of the Clubhouse Dress Code



  • Golf and tennis attire with the exception of men’s/boys collarless tennis shirts and
    women’s/girls tennis athletic tank tops.
  • Tank tops, gym attire, hoodies, cargo pants/shorts and baggy sweat pants are not permitted.
  • Hats and visors must be removed when entering the Clubhouse.
  • Ripped, frayed or distressed jeans are not permitted.
  • Leggings are permitted as a layer under shorts, skirts or long tunic tops.
  • Clothing may only display golf or tennis related logos (no commercial designations).
  • Tennis and golf bags are not permitted in the dining areas of the Clubhouse and should be stored in lockers or the coat room.
  • A sports jacket may be required for certain club events.

We appreciate the help of members and their guests in ensuring that their children also follow these guidelines. Lambton management will enforce this dress code as a sign of respect for its members, guests and the club environment.


Golf Facilities include both courses, all practice areas and the 10th Tee Snack Bar. Golf attire must be worn in these areas.

  • Clothing must consist of proper golf attire.
  • Calf length socks may not be worn.
  • Golf club or equipment related logos are permitted on clothing and hats; commercial designations are not allowed.
  • Visors and caps may not be worn backwards.
  • Footwear which will not cause damage to the course is required to be worn.
  • Golf sandals are not allowed.
  • Ladies: Golf shirts must either have a collar or sleeves.
  • Gentlemen: Golf shirts must have collars and be tucked in.


  • Clothing must consist of proper tennis attire.
  • Visors and caps may not be worn backwards.
  • Proper tennis shoes are required for clay court use. Cross Trainers and running shoes are not permitted. Please remove clay from shoes before entering the Clubhouse.
  • Women wearing tights/leggings must also wear shorts/skirt over top.
  • No hoodies, halter tops, bare midriffs or sweatpants permitted.
  • Shirts may only display a small tennis or golf manufactures logo.
  • Tennis bags are not permitted in dining areas of the Clubhouse.


Guests are welcome to order from our Grill Menu. Members of another private club can charge dining costs to their home club by signing a chit with their name, club name and club number. PLEASE NOTE this policy does not apply to ClubLink Courses.

Mobile Devices

Cellular phone calls should not be conducted while in the clubhouse, including all patios and verandahs, golf and tennis pro shop areas, and all practice facilities. 
Should you need to make a call, please move to the telephone rooms located in the locker rooms or one of the meeting rooms. All electronic devices must be set to silent mode at all times. Reading or sending of emails or text messages with such devices is permitted in all areas.


Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse, Professional Shop, Club Storage Area or under fixed awnings. The Club is governed by Provincial laws related to cannabis use. Accordingly, consumption of cannabis is strictly prohibited on the Club property.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call 416-767-2175.