Clubhouse Telephone Numbers, Extensions and Email Addresses

Clubhouse 416-767-2175    
Clubhouse - Fax 416-767-3734    
Golf Professional Shop 416-767-2170    
Tennis Pro Shop 416-767-0381    
Administration   Extension  
Chief Operating Officer John J. Demko 222
Accounting Olive Ellison 224
Membership Administrator Ginger Burke 225
Membership Assistant Olga Lonero 223
Property Manager Dave Baldwin 228
Accounting Assistant Branka Sibalic 227
Club Reception   0
Food & Beverage      
Clubhouse Manager Tom Martin 230
Catering Coordinator Christine Yuzwin 226
Executive Chef John Kieback 231
Reservations   237
Golf Facilities      
Director of Golf Matthew Yustin 248
Assoc. Golf Professional Chris Vasey 255
Assoc. Golf Professional Darryl Pan 257
Professional Shop Steve Manock 250
Golf Services Grant Adam 262
Assis. Golf Professional Tara McInroy 250
Greens Department      
Golf Course Superintendent Peter Kinch 416-767-2511
Assistant Superintendent Phil Song 416-767-0232
Course Administrator Lianna Misador 416-767-0232
Director of Tennis Mark Paklepa 269
Tennis Professional Mike Cristea
Tennis Professional Fisk Nery
Tennis Shop   270
Member Facilities      
Grill Room   233  
Locker Room Attendant   246