The Architects of Lambton


The modern game of golf has come a long way since its popularity began to spread into Canada and the United States at the turn of the 20th Century.

Golf course architecture was not an exact science when Albert Austin incorporated Lambton Golf and Country Club on July 16,1902. As his wealth as president of the Dominion Bank, Consumer’s Gas and the Canada Northwest Land Company increased, so did Albert’s passion for golf. When the Club’s Founder and President decided to create Lambton, there were fewer than 20 golf courses in Canada and only a handful of clubs in the Toronto area. The course and clubhouse had its Grand Opening on June 13, 1903.

Austin had some experience building a golf course, having laid out what was described as the “makeshift” 18-hole Spadina Golf Club on his estate, at Spadina House, in 1901 for family and friends to play. At Lambton, he was looking to develop a championship layout, worthy of being considered among the top courses in the country.

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